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Hello and welcome to Snow Bound Bison Meat Sales,

Here at Snow Bound Bison we believe in raising the bison, commonly know as buffalo, as naturally as possible to provide the best tasting meat money can buy.

Our bison are allowed to feed naturally in grass fields and are not kept in force fed high density pens.  All of our animals are 100% grass fed with no growth hormones or steroids to provide a natural and chemical free meat.

Our ranch is located on 160 acres in the heart of Indianhead country 2 miles Northeast of Barron, Wisconsin.  We are 20 minutes South of Rice Lake and 55 minutes North of the Eau Claire / Chippewa Falls area.

We have been raising Bison for the past 6 years and keep 65+ animals at our ranch.

Feel free to contact us with any questions

Phone: 715-537-3386

Fax: 715-537-3386





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